Vibra HTR Analytical Balance

Tuning-fork technologies bring new concept for Analytical Balance

  • Compact & Safe
    by its simple, durable and unique structure
  • Plug & Perform
    Warm up time is reduced by 90% (*1)
  • Energy Saver
    Power consumption is cut by 60% (*2)
  • Reliable Result
    Stable measurement is obtained in long term

(*1) compared with other VIBRA analytical balance base on electromagnetic system
(*2) compared with other balance with same capacity and readability range


Tuning-Fork Sensor – A Revolution in Weighing

The Tuning-Fork sensor measures force or mass by gauging change in oscillation frequency when a load is applied to a long, narrow vibrator, and it digitally outputs the readings.
Unlike load cell or electromagnetic systems, the turning-fork sensor does not rely on material distortion, electromagnetic force, heavy power consumption, or A/D converters, so its inherent margin of error is extremely small, and its hig precision can be maintained for a long time.

All Featured Included

  • Anti-electrostatic 360 degree transparent windshield
    Composed of permanently anti-electrostatic plastic material, weighing can be visible from every angle.
  • Back Lit LCD
    Measurement result is easily readable with bright display.
  • Full Automatic Span Adjustment, Automatic Repeatability Measurement (ARM)
    The balance can be calibrated automatically to maintain in good condition. The condition is easily checked with single key operation by measuring and calculating repeatability standard deviation. (for HTR type only)
  • Bar Graph Display
    A 40-step bar graph display easily checks the current load’s weighing the capacity.
  • Connection to PC
    RS-232C interface is equipped to connect to PC, printer and other outside devices.
  • Single-touch Response Setting for Various Environments
    The SET key sets different response in 3 steps in different environmental conditions.
  • Operated by Dry Cell Battery
    It could be operated by dry cell battery with option requested. (factory option)
  • Density Determination Mode
    Density of solids or liquids is measured with optional density measurement kit.
  • ISO/GLP/GMP Compliant Printing Record
    Calibration procedures and results are recorded and printed with an operational printer.



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