Precisa XB Analytical Balance

Precisa XB high performance series combines precision and quality, and offers the highest metrological performance and advanced integrated features. The bright vacuum fluorescent display, generously sized weighing pan, easy-operation draft shield, plus all the standard integrated weighing programmes, combine to make Precisa XB series a high performance versatile precision balance.

High Precision technology
The 320 XB series owes its high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and develpoment.
The weighing cell is of the highest mechanical quality, operates extremely precisely; it can also be easily and economically repaired.
Adjustable environmental settings provide superior performance in difficult production environments or unstable laboratory conditions.

Easy operation draft shield
The 320 XB series analytical draft shield is designed for easy operation combined with outstanding performance meeting rigid metrological requirements.

Maximum user friendliness
The 5-button keyboard enables the user to organize and structure the various weighing programmes & weight unit options and to optimize the features offered by the Precisa 320XB series balance.

Vacuum fluorescent display
The bright fluorescent display is attractive and easy to view. Application programme prompt and information are shown on the display as required.

Life-long reliability
The balance offer a high degree of protection against mechanical and electrical interference and operate with hightest level of precision.
The premium workmanship of our robust die-cast aluminium housing and chemically-resistant sealed keypad offers protection agains spills and resistance to the ambient conditions of the surrounding environment.
Day after day.

The 320 XB series is available with IP65 industrial protection as an option. IP65 protects against ingrees of dust and water splashes.

State-of-the-art data management
The Precisa 320 XB series balance is equipped with todays standadr weighing applications. All weighing and other information can be captured for further data processing via the built-in interface (RS-232)

The SmartBox offers extended applications in such areas as advanced parts-counting, check-weighing “nished goods in the production process, establishing under or over “Iling, de”ning “Iling capacities and much more.

Bus connections
The following can be connected and used simultaneously;

  • Bar-code reader for product identication
  • Additional display (free-standing, attached or wall-ounted)
  • SmartBox with alpha-numerical data input
  • Input/output box with 8 relays and 4 input contacts
  • Additional interface 20 mA current loop
  • Analogue data output



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