Fujitsu FSR-A Precision Balance

  • Super high precision work highest technology.
  • Cost-effective with 0.001g readability.
  • This is the perfect product to compare with others same grade product.

FUJITSU FSR-A Precision Balance

  • % Percentage Weighing
    Easier calculate the percentage of the weighing.
  • 17 Units Available
    A lot of weighing unit, all weighing units available here.
  • Four Level Anti-Shock Adjustable Function
    Very stable with adjustable feet.
  • AC-DC Available
    Flexible power supply  more than and low energi Рconsuming, 48 hours operation with dry cells.
  • Built With Display Temperature
    Display the temperature area when weighing.
  • Anti-Radiate, Anti-Static Metal Housing
    Anti-electrostatic weighing stable even in radio transmission activity.
  • All Aluminium Casting House
    Heavy duty with aluminium case.
  • Time & Date Setting
    Help us to record the weighing time & date.
    Also can print out the date  and time on the print result.
  • Counting and Weighing
    Faster counting with zero mistake.
  • Super Size LCD Displat with Backlight
    Big LCD display, very easy to read, and readable in dark condition.
  • Built in RS-232
    PC connection available, can connect to the external printer directly.
  • Weighing Response Time Adjustable
    User can adjust the speed of weight response.
  • Animal Weighing Function
    User for weigh the animal when moving, the weigh will keep stable.
  • Dual Range
    Depend on user’s need.
    Can weigh more than expectation with the different readability.
  • Built in Under Hook
    This function is for underweighing, mostly for jewelry and gold.
  • Optional with Rechargeable Battery
    This rechargeable battery is use for long time, suitable for un-electricity location.
  • Optional with Density Weighing
    The density can be measured in density mode, with under hook function.



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