CAS RW-5002PL Road Weigher

CAS RW-5002PL Convenient weighing platform & indicator box. Light weight and portable, yet robust enough for any type of vehicle. Connect to a remote display or PC using the built in external ports. Easily back-up data via USB port. Light weight with low profile (34mm), Made from rugged cast aluminum, Graph LCD display, Alphanumeric keypad & diverse function keys.

RW-5002PL is easy portable set of vehicle scale that is usually used to weigh the road vehicles. RW-5002PL consists of weighing platform scale and indicator, and both are designed to endure rough environment.

Waterproof Structure (IP67, CAPS Waterproofing upgraded)
Indicator (Built-in type): MAIN PCB ASS’Y, Battery

Weighing-in-Motion (WIM)
RW-5002PL has both static and dynamic weighing (Weighing in Motion) function.
Via WIM function, users can conveniently measure a vehicle’s weight.
In case of WIM, dummy pads are required and accuracy is +/-3% when vehicle speed is under 10km/h

Wireless Communication System
Users can measure a weight via wireless communication (Bluetooth) much easier and more comfortable tha via a wire communication, and maintenance cost of wire will be reduced.
Also, RW-5002PL indicator can be connected up to 12 RW-PLZ platform simultaneously.

Built-in Thermal Printer
Built-in thermal printer enables to print out various contents such as company inspector, driver and weight data easily.

Specifications (Body Pad)

Specifications (Display Module)

Specifications Indicator


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